Monday, 18 March 2013

Mordheim Vampire Hunters: Campaign Master forces


I needed a bit of a morale boost on the project so I decided to boost the amount of painted models for the Vampire hunters campaign by 100%.... that meant painting some of the horde of undead, and the Zombies were IT.

I now have 28 zombies painted up :). VERY simple paint job:

Army Painter barbarian flesh undercoat
Dry brushed with a pale flesh colour (this one called .... erm "Pale Flesh" from the OOP I-Kore range... )
Painted their clothes in browns, greys and greens (mostly P3 paints (Thorn Green, Umbral Umber, Bloodtracker Brown, Sanguine Base, Gun Corps Brown, Bastion grey) and an OOP GW Bubonic Brown).
P3 red ink in the wounds, on hands, mouths and all the eyes.
Army painter "Strong tone" ink applied (by brush from dropper bottle).
Then I mixed some of the red ink and strong tone and touched up all the blood to get a more realistic colour.
Black on the bases.

Sorry about the crappy photo but there was no natural light at the time I took this.


  1. Nice job very effective, I found the mantic zeds easy and quick to paint and they look really good.

    1. Don't forget cheap too, very important for this project! :) lol.