Mordheim: Vampire Hunters Miniature Roster


Ernst Kauffman, Burgermeister

Miniature: Conversio
Equipment: HA, Sword, Dagger, Helm

Gerhardt Lowenherz, Sgt

Miniature: Conversion
Equipment: LA, shield, Spear, Helm

Father Jonas, Priest

Miniature: Conversion
Equipment: 2x Sigmarite hammers

Captain Diedrich

Miniature: Conversion
Equipment: Brace of dueling pistols, Sword, dagger

Diedrich’s Men (x3)

Miniature: Conversions
Equipment: Shield, LA, Spear 

Gustav, scout

Miniature: Conversion (based on privateer press khador figure)
Equipment: Hgun, bow, Axe, Dagger, Riding Horse

1x Siege weapon

Miniature: ?????

Vampire Forces

Baron Von Strangulf

Miniature: GW Vamp (paint in progress)
Equipment: Gromril Arm, helm, magic 2 handed sword
Followers: 2x Fell bats

Mistress Carmilla

Equipment: LA, sword, helmet, shield
Followers: 2x Dregs

Mistress Mircalla

Miniature: Reaper miniature (unpainted)
Equipment: Dagger
Followers: 2x Dire Wolves (Miniatures: Chaos warhounds)

Mistress Milagra

Miniature: ????? 
Equipment: None (was wings & claws)
Followers: 2x Harpies (Miniatures: GW Furies)

Bonecaller (Necromancer)

Miniature:Empire wizard conversion (paint in progress)
Equipment: Sword, dagger

Kalt Magritte (Banshee)

Miniature: Conversion

Ash (Mounted Zombie lord)


Miniature: Conversioin (unpainted)

Minor Necromancers

Miniatures: conversions based on empire wizard / Corpse cart rider

Giant spiders (x8)

Miniatures: Halloween toys (8 based & undercoated)

Undead Grave guard (x8)

Miniatures: Privateer press Thralls (x4) (only two painted), CMoN Litche (half painted)(x1), ????

Dire Wolves (x8)

Miniatures:GW chaos hounds

Undead Hordes

Miniatures: Various based on Mantic Revenent guard, Ghouls & Zombies, Privateer press risen & GW Bits.


  1. Hey,

    I have vague hopes of doing this campaign as well (my follow through is a bit lacking though). I was hunting for coffins for the system (bit of a frustrating hunt) and just found something that looks promising. Thought I'd share it with you:


    1. Good find, I will have to see if I can find a UK stockist of that item.