Sunday, 26 July 2015


This figure is barely converted from a Mantic games "Plague" figure from their game "DEADZONE". I reposed his left arm, blending it in with Greenstuff and liquid greenstuff and added horns basically... if you know where the horns came from please let me know as I just came across them in my bits box (Chaos stuff) and I don't actually know.... it was in with some Slaanesh stuff but that doesn't really mean much in my bits storage system.....

I still hate the material they use for their figures, (though it is getting (very slightly) better), mold line removal is a pig, but this figure was too nice to miss just because of that.

This is what I would like to do with the paint work, wit ha bit more black.... (photoshopped)


  1. The conversion looks great. And I think it's going to look awesome with that paint-job.

    1. Thanks, I expect it would look great... if I were that good of painter lol, i'll try though :)

  2. Conversion looks fantastic, and that paintjob!