Sunday, 15 March 2015

Undead specter & wraith

I had to use the specter to prop up the wraith in this photo.
Just a couple of "conversions" I finished recently, these were cut out of the Mortis engine GW kit, it took a LOT more work then I thought it would to get them lookin good after all the hacking lol. I started with Procreate, then there is a little greenstuff in there and then some liquid greenstuff to finish off, they need a little light sanding with some fine grit paper and then ready for undercoating.

In time I hope to use the rest of the spirit host these were cut from...well as a spirit host and the knights from the host as some kind of ghost knights, too much work to convert them to black knights due to all the eerie smoke that covers a lot of the detail.

Saturday, 7 March 2015

Skaven Clans:Updated

Just a couple of shots of all the Clan Eshin figures finished so far.

And clan Pestilen

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Mordheim Vampire Hunters: Forces of Undead: HORDES of undeath (plus one random dragon tamer)

Well I've not really managed to finish any projects recently, but I have been plugging away when I could over the last couple of years on the basic undead infantry, but I've never really shown a decent photo of them all, I still have a few boney undead to finish so haven't taken any photos of them yet but here's the rest.

The Brainless undead

The Flesh eater undead

As far as real updates are concerned I only have a work in progress dragon tamer, any head suggestions or suggestions over what he should have in the other arm?

Saturday, 10 January 2015

Mordheim Vampire Hunters: Forces of Undead (Rats & Hounds)

Mantic games undead hounds from the kickstarter exclusive hound keeper, and the undead rats are from one of their undead skelly unit plastic sprues.

 GW Giant rants, 2 of them (far left) are from the old swarm boxed set rats, one of them (far right) is from heroquest the other 4 are from the Plague priest kit I think, or possibly the doom wheel... maybe both... lol

Monday, 15 December 2014

Mordheim Vampire Hunters: Forces of Undead (Corpse Cart)

Very little in the way of conversions just some arm and head swaps between mantic and GW for the guys pulling the cart

LONG time for an update... would have been sooner but I managed to drop the corpse cart on the kitchen (hard) floor on the way to take a photo the first time... lol

Still not really finished (lantern needs work) but finished enough for me to put it away for now. It was at risk of being trashed by Baby hands otherwise.

I'm trying to get the last of the rank and file (Skellies) finished, once they are done it will only leave me with the Vampires, grave guard, giant skellies and the last of the NPCs to finish.... yeeks..

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Skaven Clans:Eshin Updated

Retrospective update as I haven't done anything really hobby related since about 2 days after my last update... lol. 
Didn't take long to finish these two off from there really. I also painted the 2 other werewolves from the mantic set but I do not appear to have taken any photos of them yet.... nothing special very similar to the first one just with some different brown shades for the hair.

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Undead - Flesh eaters: Werewolf & Ghoul king

Well erm, quite honestly I haven't done anything really hobby related beyond texturing some bases for over a month.... but I hadn't realised that I had 4 images yet to post up, these two and the final shots of the skaven Assassin and Black skaven which I will post this weekend.

The above figure is aMantic Kings of war Werewolf, with some putty work at the joints (frankly they fit REALLY badly.

The below figure is a GW Ghoul king from the undead dragon kit.

I have sort of (in my head) split the undead down to a few factions with these guys falling into the "Flesh eaters" sub faction with the ghouls and ghasts already posted. Just helps me to have a "theme" for the warband even if I have no particular rules in mind.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Skaven Clans:Eshin Updated

Almost finished these 2 guys now for the Eshin Skaven, I also assembled one plastic Stormvermin for the 2nd Black skaven, doesn't look anything like as cool as this guy, but then the majority of him was originally a special character and GW doesn't do some very cool character poses.

The pic is a bit small, sorry but you can always click to enlarge or right click and open in a new window or tab for even bigger still.... next time i'll just make sure I work the pictures to be a bit smaller in size so I can display them bigger lol.


Sunday, 10 August 2014

Mordheim Vampire Hunters: Forces of Undead (more Totem Bearers)

Converted and painted these over the last 2 weekends to go with the guy with the whip featured in my last undead post.

Both are converted from Mantic Ghouls with mantic spears and then GW heads and banner bits / corpse bits.
The left guy gets his banner from the GW skelly kit I believe while the right guy has the skulls cut from a duplicate banner and the torso that was held in a ghoul's hand, the heads are from the Corpse cart kit.... I have realised that I didn't take a good front on shot of the guy on the right so you can't see his face, i'll try to get a group shot of the zombies once the last totem bearer (with whip) is painted with a better shot of that guy.

Saturday, 2 August 2014

Skaven Clans: Pestilen Update

Here's the update on the clan so far, in fact this is the entire warband as it stands really I don't have any other figures picked out for them yet.

The two clanrats below are the furthest along. I need to do the final highlights to the greens and browns of the robes on the rest of the miniatures.

Have a good weekend.