Monday, 29 June 2015


To update, the issues appear to be only affect external links from my site, so the blog can still be viewed as long as you avoid clicking on any links, the pictures are all from Google+ so are safe, I will remove any external links I have on pictures this morning.

Will update if I find a resolution.

If you encounter any other issues please let me know.


In case you come here, please be aware that somehow all the pictures in my blog are linking to spam sites :(.

I will try and fix but i'm not even sure where to start at the moment...


Friday, 1 May 2015

Freebooters Fate: Amazons; Warband so far

To start I DID NOT PAINT ALL THESE MINIATURES :P. lol, I bought most of them 2nd hand, painted I only painted the temple guard.

No the next on, work in progress

Monday, 27 April 2015

Freebooters Fate: Amazons; Paint in progress (Templeguard)

And done, will try and get some better photos when there is more light around, and obviously as per usual the bases are not finished but i'm done with the miniatures themselves, really quite happy with how they turned out though there are bits I would love to fix if I had the skill.

Cheers for reading.

Friday, 24 April 2015

Freebooters Fate: Amazons; Paint in progress (Templeguard)

Something a bit different, as the local club is looking to run a little campaign of Freebooters fate and i've liked the Amazons for as long as they have been released, I bought some and am slowly painting them up.

Pus they could always be used in Lustria Mordheim games anyway

It's very slow going as i'm trying to paint them mostly "properly" without the heavy use of washes, but also the minis are very detailed so lots of little bits to paint in various colours.

Off to Salute tomorrow so will be picking up a starter set for the Amazons as I don't have one yet.

Monday, 20 April 2015

Woodland Lord / Dryad king

Well many moons ago I said I was going to do a conversion basically copying the Oggster's brilliant Enigma miniature conversion of a tree dude. (.

Well now I have.

This plus that excellent Drycha conversion I purchased leads me to splitting the guys I had slated for the "wood elves" at least three ways lol.

The warbands will become:
Wild elves (made up of tharn miniatures and other barbarian types (e.g. I purchased some Kelt Sessair parts from Confrontation).

Not sure how the split will be but I also intend on the following
Woodland Defenders
Woodland Avengers

There will likely be dryads in both but are likely to be beastmen in the avengers and Fairies, Satyr, Faun / sprites in the defenders.

Why?, because I can / want to... possibly because i'm a little nuts, I don't know, but i'm presently figuring out how to use this... which is about 8-10" tall excluding the trees on it's head..... hehe

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Mordheim Vampire Hunters NPCs: Diedrich's Men

 All done and ready for undercoating, also finished off the last two below, that's all the NPCs conversion work finished, just need to paint them :).

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Mordheim Vampire Hunters NPCs: Diedrich's Men

Just  quick update to shop 3 more NPCs that may or may not be found in some scenarios, survivors from the routed Ostermark army

Same as usual parts list, greatsword heads, militia arms, with the exception of the greatsword who has one empire captain arm and a hand from a flagellant, torsos are from empire pistoliers but I push moulded 2 breastplates as I am running low on that torso, the back of those two guys is an empire militia torso (with the straps to make it look like they are holding the breastplate on). Cadian legs of course and 30mm "DS" style bases. Still need some kind of pommel for the end of the greatsword and some greenstuff work, particularly around the necks.

Still have to do one more spearman and a handgunner. Technically the halberdier isn't in the Wargame weavers roll for possibilities.... but if it's an empire army, there would have been halberdiers! lol.

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Something new.... Swamp things

Yes, I know I should be finishing one of my many, many work in progress warbands but... well the muse made me do it.

Group shot of the family of swamp things

Thse two are Wyrd miniatures Waldergeits (forest spirits) 

This guy is converted from a wyrd miniatures metal bad JuJu mire golem 

Keep forgetting to paint that bottle.... :(

 And this is the old GW Albion fenbeast, I was hoping to get another one of these to convert but... well i'm REALLY not made of money and I missed the one that went for a reasonable price on eBay (sad face). I bought this one about 10 years ago in an LGS closing down sale in Horsham when I used to live there,.

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Skaven Clans:Updated Paint in progress

Put some time into this guy, just need to finish off some highlights, I really love this model from the old Warhammer starter set, way better than the rat ogres you buy in the standard rat ogre boxed set.

Also started on the 2nd black skaven for the Eshin warband.