Sunday 20 October 2019

Mordheim: New warband - Paint in progress.

Bayne paint in progress

Bayne rear paint in progress

Poor lighting when I took these but hopefully you get the idea of where i'm going.

Mordheim: New warband - Emissary of Bleakwood

The Emissary (warband leader)
 Last hero on 2 feet for the warband, the Emissary herself, this conversion uses the same parts as the other two figures based on the Tree revenants, just more branches used on her head basically.
However where the other two had stock legs, this one had both legs cut off and then re-assembled onto the Blood bowl elf pelvis.

Saturday 19 October 2019

Mordheim: New warband - Balanos and Ptelea

More conversions for my new warband, another based on Tree revenent &blood bowl wood elf and the other a pretty common conversion (I've seen at least 2 others) based on the Dark elf sorcerer & Sylvaneth Branchwych.


Friday 18 October 2019

Mordheim: New warband - First member - Bayne

This is Bayne, the first of the new warband I have been working on for around a month I think.
He's made from;
Sylvaneth Tree Revenent (legs, both arms)
Blood bowl wood elf team (torso, mask)
Sisters of the thorn hair
One weapon is from the old Dwarf warriors (going to have spikes added from Flagellant kit), the other is from the old Bretonnian Men at Arms.
Then then is a some pro-create / miliput, plastic putty and Martian ironearth paint used for filling and texture.

Sunday 29 September 2019

Ogre / Formian and a giant skeleton

 Great undead style ogre figure from the Massive darkness kickstarter. Painted with a combination of contrast (browns, creams and black) and traditional painting and shades (e.g. skin was pale pink then thinned down blue shade).

This figure is from D&D Chainmail, I believe it was a troll, but would pass as an ogre happily; painted with contrast paints and then highlighted, metals were painted more traditionally and shaded.


Sunday 1 September 2019

Mordheim: Necromancer

And something else right before the summer holidays end....

This time a necromancer, this guy is a HATE miniature from the skirmish game kick-started by CMON some time back. Mostly painted by traditional methods but the black was contrast with some highlighting.

Shame that the skull in his hand is horribly miss-cast but never-mind, obviously some kind of mutant's old skull

Probably the last thing I will paint all year, but who knows perhaps the kids will be calm enough to give me time to sit at the desk for a while yet.

Saturday 31 August 2019

Mordheim: Witch or... I PAINTED SOMETHING!!!

Summer holidays so I've had a few days off here and there and then a couple of weeks too, apparently that recharged the batteries enough to make me want to paint something.

Little bit of contrast paint (Brown and Blacks) then traditional painting methods with normal paint and some quick-shade as usual.

Miniature is  "Blood Rage - Mystics of Midgard" miniature.

Monday 9 July 2018

Shadespire: The Sepulchral Guard

Yes I am still alive though my kids have basically killed all my hobby time, and or my Muse...

But I did pick up the wonderful new undead warband for Shadespire a few months ago and I actually managed to paint it over the course of a month or so... well it's mostly painted anyway, more than I have painted in the last 2 years or so...

You may notice I had to re-base them onto 30mm round lipped bases... can't help it I just like them so much better than the standard bases... it wasn't really all that hard if anyone is wondering, I just cut off the edge of the base, smoothed down the edges and glued the tops onto the 30mm bases.

Anyway that's it really.... not a lot after over 2 years I appreciate.... if anyone is still following this blog, thank you :).

Crud, just noticed I didn't paint the leader's spear shaft.... :(.

Monday 13 June 2016

Gorgon cult; Salamanders PiP

Paint in progress on 3/4 of the salamanders I converted up a while ago, the other one is slightly further behind as I try to work out how to paint his sea serpent cloak.

I tried a patina effect on the copper of their shields, I think the effect worked quite well but i'm not sure that I like the effect... either that or the really dark green shields... mght repaint jet black or something else, not decided yet.