Friday, 18 October 2019

Mordheim: New warband - First member - Bayne

This is Bayne, the first of the new warband I have been working on for around a month I think.
He's made from;
Sylvaneth Tree Revenent (legs, both arms)
Blood bowl wood elf team (torso, mask)
Sisters of the thorn hair
One weapon is from the old Dwarf warriors (going to have spikes added from Flagellant kit), the other is from the old Bretonnian Men at Arms.
Then then is a some pro-create / miliput, plastic putty and Martian ironearth paint used for filling and texture.


  1. He looks great, I can’t wait to see him with some paint on!

    1. Thank you, if the weather holds this weekend I will have them undercoated, then i've just got to figure out how I want to paint them lol.