Monday, 9 July 2018

Shadespire: The Sepulchral Guard

Yes I am still alive though my kids have basically killed all my hobby time, and or my Muse...

But I did pick up the wonderful new undead warband for Shadespire a few months ago and I actually managed to paint it over the course of a month or so... well it's mostly painted anyway, more than I have painted in the last 2 years or so...

You may notice I had to re-base them onto 30mm round lipped bases... can't help it I just like them so much better than the standard bases... it wasn't really all that hard if anyone is wondering, I just cut off the edge of the base, smoothed down the edges and glued the tops onto the 30mm bases.

Anyway that's it really.... not a lot after over 2 years I appreciate.... if anyone is still following this blog, thank you :).

Crud, just noticed I didn't paint the leader's spear shaft.... :(.


  1. I hate the lipped bases, but you did a great job moving the bases over! Making them into toppers is a great idea, and allows for the decoration to go a lot of different places (even on to proper square bases)

    And glad to see you are still at it... kids grow up, and muses return, and fortunately miniatures have a long shelf life...

    1. Thank you for your comment even if you hate the lipped bases lol :P