Sunday, 26 July 2015

Random Aquatic creatures.....

First guy is GW plastic bloodletter with it's head and fin removed, then I have cut up a D&D pre-painted plastic figure (can't remember the name of it, but I have more so will say next time) and glued it's head and spine to the blood letter, at the moment i'm referring to it as a shrimp creature.

Little guy is covered in anther post so I wont go into that, guy on the left is a work in progress of a bigger version... well I guess that is obvious lol.

Parts list is a GW goblin spider, Tyranid larger creature head (sorry don't know what kit), a paperclip and some other tyranid bits (the unfinished bigger arms are from Guants, the sacks (it's head) is from the same kit as the big head used for his body I think) and the armour over it's shoulder and behind it's head are extra armour plate from one of the kits.... basically it's all nid with spider legs....


  1. Nicely done, just didnt occur to me to upscale a Mato using an even larger Tyrannic head peice; well done man :)

    1. Cheers, I knew I was going to do this as soon as I figured out how to build the original Mato from your pictures and description, it just took me a long time to get all the parts together, and then wit hteh child to actually have the time and will power to do it lol.

      I had the body and head glued together some months ago now, and all the legs cut off the spider, but just really didn't have the will to finish it all off, then I bought some other bits and found the nid extra armour plates and inspiration just flowed lol.

    2. Hahah, yah I have more than a few conversions sitting in the bits box awaiting Angel Peices. :D Look forward to your next updates and the site is very browser friendly :)