Sunday, 26 July 2015


4 Salamanders converted up, this will be yet another warband lead by a bloodwrack medusa, I have a few snakes and a couple of legged snakemen to going these guys

The base figures are Brood Korolon figures from Void 2.0 / Urban War, pretty expensive miniatures unfortunately otherwise i'd do another 4 of them at least.

The hands are all from Dark elf kits (Shields from the Cold on cav, spears from Warriors) the cloak is from the Dark elf corsairs with the back of the torso carved off and the heads are from skinks, all GW, I wasn't going to keep the fins on (hence why one of the heads doesn't have a fin) bit I tried it and I think they look pretty cool personally, I can say the one without a fin is a female, and therefore doesn't need to show off like the males lol.


  1. Paint the fins a bright colour!

    1. The scheme I have in mind for these guys is black based... sorry lol, might go for a golden yellow for the fins though, but i'm leaning towards a cream...

  2. More snake-men you might like to convert: