Sunday, 1 September 2013

Skaven Clans: Eshin Sorcerer

So, you can't really have a bunch of Mordheim warbands without at least one skaven one can you?....

As it happens I picked up this figure as a damaged figure on eBay, the miniature had no head (missing) and his left hand and banner pole had been removed. he's been sitting in a bits box for years since then, until I finally decided I should do 1+ Skaven warbands too. I just decided to paint this figure for a bit of a change really lol having not painted any skaven since about a year after Mordheim was released.

The head and pointing hand are from the plastic stormvermin kit, and TBH I have no idea where the staff top came from. I haven't got an assasin yet to lead the band, they always seem to go for a fair bit of cash :( and I have none, particularily as i've been trying to buy the terrain I need for the Vampire hunters campaign.

He's been painted very simply using my usual method of block colours, inks and then highlights in the same colour as used for the blocking, the eye and chunk of Wyrdstone got a bit more effort, painted white and then using progressive mixes of water and green washed (a couple of times as I messed it up the first time) the right side of his face still needs more work, I tried giving him painted whiskers.... yeah that didn't work, so it's been re-painted, needs to be inked again.

Anyway , I hope you like him, i'll re-ink the face, varnish him and pop him in the cabinet with all the rest of the painted models until I get an assasin or some other inspiration for the rat things.

Long term I hope to make an Clan Eshin, Clan Pestilen and Clan Moulder warband, I may also do a few models for Clan Skryre and Clan Mors, perhaps they could be skaven hired swords.

Anyway that's all for now.

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  1. Oh he's great Maxxev, really like the alterations (additions?) to the base figure :)