Saturday, 21 September 2013

Warhammer Fantasy: Dwarf Hammerers painted

Sorry for the long delay between posts, i've mostly been scouring eBay for warhammer fortresses to get the walls for the vampire hunter campaign, I was originally planning on building my own walls but 2 weekends after starting I had only finished one and I simply don't have that much spare time!

Anyway, back on topic, here are 8 more Warhammer fantasy dwarf hammerer conversions, mostly painted (red still needs highlights, blue still needs a bit of shading) the bases obviously are not finished, as per most of my projects I like to finish ALL the models before basing.

If your curious as to how these guys were made, I believe there are WIP shots further back in the blog, I even did a tutorial of sorts for the female ones, though i'm not sure that made it onto the blog (i'll have to re-write that).

I have 29 of these lads / lasses in total to get though, so once I have done with the red / blue i'll be basically 1/3rd of the way through.... this is why I don't play mass battle games anymore....
Gold gold gold gold, gold gold gold gol, gold gold gold gold...... yes ok I like gold on my dwarves....
Back rank
Hip flask = celtic silver bead for anyone curious, 2 guts on the left have beards from "avatars of war "beserkers

Front / Middle Rank
My ape faced lass conversion second from the right, the shoulder armour does look a little like an armband.... nevermind.

Yes the guy second from the left is a short ball with legs.....

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