Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Warhammer Fantasy: Dwarf Hammerer painted

Finally managed to paint one of the plastic hammerers I converted in 2011 lol. Not sure why, I just saw some nice warhammer dwarves online and I thought I should really finish this unit at least, after all I put months of conversion work into them!!

Some of the chainmail looks decidedly dodgy. That is because of the plastics (the mail on dwarves never seems to come out of the mold as well as the mail on some other minis (e.g. Dark elves) and the 6th edition plastics were really quite bad where they attempted to have the chainmail go all the way around, due to the limitations of injection molding this was never going to work (GW were still learning at that point).

Right well that's one down, only 29 more to go...lol

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