Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Southlanders Update

So I decided to do a couple of "champion" types for the southlander warband to finish it off, it presently has 4 Swordsmen, 2 young blood types, the captain and 2 marksmen, so to be a full Mordheim merc warband it just needed the 2 champion models. Generally the champs get some slightly heavier gear, to this end I chose a Halberd and a great weapon.

With the middenheim "hairy head" being the source of the arms used in the rest of the warband I decided to go simple and use the great hammer from that sprue for the great weapon. Unlike the ostermark halberdier (Gerhardt Lowenherz) I have already put together I decided not to use the state troops arms but the Militia halberd arm, I will use another militia arm and either greenstuff or transplant a hand to hold the other end of the halberd.

The parts are: Catachan jungle fighter legs with the pockets shaved off, push molded armour (from the OOP state troops set (read further for my opinion on Instant putty if you like), Empire pistollier torsos (extended with sprue and then green-stuffed over), Bretonnian helmets and neck armour. The guy who has a face, the head used was one of the empire huntsmen / archers.

On Instant putty, the brown/dark grey putty used on two of the knee pads is instant putty, the product sold to be used with instant mold. I had lots of fun with this... trying to clear the damned stuff from my fingers after it dried in about 4 mins and crumbled everywhere and stuck to my hands...
I managed to get 3 molds filled, one un-successfully, the rest of the putty set on my desk (I was hoping for 10 mins out of it I guess). It dried incredibly crumbly, with little flexibility in it, the guy on the right for instance had to have some repair work after the knee pad cracked, and it's not exactly bent a great deal!.

I'm going to try mixing the instant putty with greenstuff at some point to see what happens (obviously not on anything important as it'll probably just create a mess of dry with lumps in it or something lol). I'm hoping to get more flexibility, but a shorter working life, I know greenstuff can be put in a "putty oven" but the instant mold goes soft when hot, so I want to give this a shot to speed up the molding of some items.

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