Thursday, 4 July 2013

Undead: Werewolves (Kings of War)

Overall I like the look of them but they were annoying to build (though a quick look at some of the other KoW stuff tells me not the worst....)
 So my kings of war 2nd round turned up yesterday and I collected it this morning, I have to say some of the items surprised me, I had seen some of the previews on line and thought that the sculpts looked very questionable for quite a few of the models (mummies and Brock riders in particular) but, some are better than suggested (Brock riders for instance are a lot better than the looked on line (I guess the huge badger photo really showed it off in the worst light...)).

Anyway I decided to assemble some of my werewolves as they will probably be the most useful in skirmish games (which I don't actually play by the way, I don't really play any wargames at the moment lol).

Assembly on these guys was.... well the tails and heads went on easily (4 heads included in the bag (all unique I think), 3 bodies, (2 unique), the tails are separate but they only fit with one body (e.g. there is one sculpt per body sculpt). Then there are 2 separate arm sculpts.... this is where things got a bit dodgy.

2 of the arms literally WOULD NOT fit on the shoulder, the recess in the arm was no where near big enough, I chopped off the shoulder ball type join and still had to trim the arms to get them looking half decent, and they'll require a whole load of greenstuff work to finish off, the rest of the arms were better... but only just, in the end I clipped off 5/6 of the shoulder ball sockets in order to get the arms fitted nicely. Personally I think because of that fact alone I would never recommend these sculpts to anyone unless they have greenstuff skills and a decent pair of clippers to remove the shoulders.

I don't think the arms would fit either body sculpt well either, i'll try that maybe on another set (I got 4 :)).
You can see the results of my labour below (As well as the remaining gaps that need filling.
In case anyone is curious they are on 40mm bases (for a rough idea of scale).

I removed a lot of the arm here to get the recess to fit what was left of the shoulder, yes I removed too much but I coulden't get to the "cup" without removing some bicep first. GS will hide the damage.

This one turned out quite well in the end, though there is a lot of GS needed on the back of the right arm.

This is the body . arm set you only get one of, the arms seem to fit this body far more easily than the other bodies (you could get away without removing the shoulders on this one).
As you can just about see here, the arm fits much better once the whole of the shoulder is gone...


  1. Yea, I've been wondering about these, as I would love to add some werewolves to my fantasy chaos armies. Thanks for the pics and info. Looks like a potential challenge. A bit disappointing to hear about just 2 body sculpts and the arms.

    1. Oh I doubt you'll have any problems making them look good, plus the arms will probably go on each body once the shoulders have been removed, now if those arms will actually make decent poses is a different matter, however with you GS skills i'm sure you can make them work :).