Monday, 1 July 2013

Mordheim Vampire Hunters: Campaign Master forces

Just a minor update with my finished Grave guard conversion, added a cloak and a barrel to finish him off (the cloak is from the Middenheim "hairy head" sprue (OOP) with the wolfy thing's head removed, turned around and bent the other way (used to be fury side out) then some greenstuff was used to blend it all in and add fur where the wolfy thing's head was.

The barrel is a hirst arts barrel I bought cast up already, that one was a freebie as it was damaged in casting, so I cut it in half to use here :).

If you are wondering about the general crusty appearance of the guys armour, the missing bolts, wonky casted lines and air bubbles around the collar.... that is why I will never voluntarily buy "Finecast" figures.... but for the sake of the undead, i'm not really bothered as I don't see them polishing their armour every night lol.