Monday, 17 June 2013

Wood elves: Tree seer and tracker (PiP)

GW Wood elf spell weaver
I'm actually finding these wood elves to be a bit of a chore,i'm putting in what feels like a lot of effort here but the results... well they just aren't as good as I'd hope, I know i'm a mediocre painter at best but i'm feeling quite disheartened by this lot :(. With my limited painting time as it is i'm going to slap dash finish these 6 wood elves and move onto something more enjoyable (hopefully lol), perhaps i'll even finish the two Faun I had half done to go with them.... depends which way the wind is blowing I guess.

Actually the most painting work I have done recently is the wall behind the elves (well the entire kitchen wall) lol, you may possibly have noticed the test patches of colour and possibly a bit of masking tape in previous photos... been like that a long time, finally did something about it lol.

Privateer Press Circle Tharn Blood Tracker

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