Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Inspiration: Rhulic Adventurers

Not my work, just a few excellent conversion I had to share. These have all been converted for Privateer Press's Iron Kingdoms RPG game using mostly Pribateer press parts, and a couple of Reaper miniature parts.

The below conversions are from "PsycoLaughs" over on the Privateer press forums, the picture is a link to the thread with some other photos.

This guy is from Rob Hawkins and can be seen on his blog here his blog also has some human, trollkin, elf and gobber adventurers.
This one IS my own, done a few years back for the fun of it (I have never played in a game of IKRPG), a Rhulic sniper converted from  GW Ratling sniper (basically I extended the knee areas to give the model Rhulic sized legs).

Moving away from miniatures, there is this lovely bit of art showing a Rhulic Light Labour Jack (upright) by nfeyma over on DeviantArt here I woulden't have gone with the Khador fists myself but then I can't draw a stick man so... nevermind lol.

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