Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Mordheim: Witch Hunters WIP

So i've been pondering on witch hunters for a while now, I've never much liked the warband in style or theme to be fair, but they certainly are iconic of the Mordheim game and with the zealots it would allow me to do some conversions that could also double as civilians for other games. Plus I had a bunch of models that would suit them quite well lol.

Pictured above from left to right is a Zealot (blacksmith), the witch finder captain and one of his lackeys.

The conversions are made from 
Blacksmith: GW Chaos cultist body from 40k starter set with a hand / weapon halft from a chaos marauder. The hammerhead is half of a sand timer from the Flagellant set while the "dagger" is from the Chaos dwarf hell cannon crew (of which I have a spare set). The head is from the miniature on the far right.

The Two other miniatures are Privateer press "Press gangers", The captain had a little rat in a pocket removed and his black jack and beanie, the other guy had a chairleg for a weapon which I replaced from the top of a flail (from the skaven night runner kit I think) and his head has been replaced with a (poorly painted) chaos marauder's. The captains hat is made from a hole punched bit of plastic and green / grey stuff, the sword is from the empire militia set.

I should note that all these guys are really on the large side, i'm simply putting this down to them being from a farming community, perhaps from middenland... lol

This is all the progress I have made on the warband so far and likely to be all the progress for a while while I continue to paint undead :).

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  1. Pretty Cool, I liked the ideas of Witchhunters just never the models, The Hounds weren't to bad