Thursday, 11 April 2013

Mordheim Vampire Hunters: Campaign Master forces

Update on the undead, I have painted a fair few bonies recently, I have pictured a random 5 models above, I believe I have 9 left to assemble and paint (so i've painted 19 now).

Two of them are Privateer press Risen , the others are conversions using Mantic games and Games workshop parts (Mantic legs heads and shield arms, GW Torsos and Spear / sword arms).

Painted from a bone coloured undercoat and using  quick shade to shade everything after painting.

The guy below is a Privateer press bone swarm and so far the undercoat and quick shade is ALL I have done to it lol.

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  1. Must have another SOBH game with you. It works well on that dungeon terrain I have from Dwarven Forge.