Saturday, 30 March 2013

Mordheim Vampire Hunters: Ernst Kauffman, Burgermeister

Last of the NPCs for the Vampire hunters campaign :), now I just have to paint them lol.

Ernst is a shade past middle age, but a commanding presence. An ex soldier, he can still handle himself in a fight. He has a sword, a dagger, heavy armour, and a helmet. Ernst has the  Fearsome skill.

This conversion as resulted in a rather large model, but he's toughness 4 so i'm quite happy that he's on the larger side.

The parts are: Empire General legs, OOP Empire champion torso, OOP empire head, Cloak (and arm) from Pistolliers boxed set and the other one is from the Huntsmen set, the Pistollier hand is much bigger but i'm going to paint it like a glove so hopefully it won't look too bad... lol.

The marksmen have been converted in another post, but I finished off the quivers (from high elf archers) with some plastic card straps and added pouches from the High elf White lion set.


  1. Lovely work mate - that head is perfect for him!

  2. Very nice job on them they look really good together.