Thursday, 28 March 2013

Mordheim: Sisters of Sigmar Update

A Shot of the two converted sisters

I have now finished a second sister superior and my Auger ready for undercoating (I also found my Bertha model whom I shall use to fill in that third superior slot in the list). Thereby meaning that all the girls have been assembled, I just need to paint these three and I will have one warband ready to rumble for the Vampire hunters campaign (presuming someone wants to use Sisters lol).

More angles on the Auger
The Superior is the same model as the one I have already painted (I had a duplicate) while the Auger is based on a Sister of Battle "Sister repentia" or something like that...

On the Superior I cut off as much of her hair as I could with clippers, then went to town on the model with various shaped files (e.g. triangle, curved and pointed files), then greenstuffed a half decent hood (a little on the large side but i'm ok with it lol).

On the Auger I removed her Chainsword and a few other details with clippers and a file and then added a hair head sprue hammer with a bit cut off a Flagellant Scythe, and of course plenty of green stuff. I used grey stuff as well so I could easily distinguish between her robe and tabard when sculpting. Lastly I added a twin tailed commet again from the Flagellant set.