Sunday, 10 February 2013

Northlanders WIP

Below are a couple of guys i'm working on for my Northlanders, the empire huntsmen legs are really cool for these guys and give a better look to the figs than the militia legs i've used on the others.. unfortunately that means i'm now considering scrapping the existing conversions and starting again with all huntsmen legs... i'm sure it will pass...

These guys certainly appear more like the "Stark houseguard" that I had in mind when I started out on the Northlanders.
2 Marksmen, still a bit of GS work to be done but getting there....
Empire hunstmen legs (the standing guy had to have the original torso removed).
2 militia torsos
Empire hunstmen arms (right arms may well not be though)
One cloak is from the hairy head sprue, I don't know where the other came from
The head is from a plastic saxon kit from I think Warlord games? (I bought a bag of heads of eBay).
And of course 30mm bases + Greenstuff

Also on my workbench (along with a bunch of other things) is this little guy, a pheasant, previously a kill from the huntsman kit, now resurrected to sit on a signpost. No idea who / what i'm going to put on the base yet though lol.
Base work for a model I haven't even thought of yet.... lol

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