Thursday, 14 February 2013

Inspirations: Proxy 40k armies part 2

So last month I did a little post on a forum member by the username of "Uber kroot"... but I found so much by Uber kroot that I couldn't fit it all into one post.... so now I have the continuation of some more proxy 40k armies :).

A Hrud army (LINK)
Almost look like they should be selling droids in a desert somewhere
The paint job certainly takes them away from the Jawa look

Can't beat a bit of steampunk...

OMG there's soooo many of them!!
Tanks too :)
But we aren't done yet....

K'Nib Army (link)
Initial concept
Weapon concepts
Production line
Spiders with... guns?

Spiders with goggles??!?!?!
Trust an Australian.....
I love these guys....
Holy crap!!
Ah warhammer quest had the cutest spiders...
A duel to the death
Wait now the spiders have night vision goggles and missile launchers.... AAAAAAAAHH
This picture reminds me of Dune.....

Such a brilliant idea....

Anyway that's all of Uber kroots threads that I could find, though there are some more random posts and other gems to be found should you go looking, I also didn't put up every picture from the threads so there is more to see should you follow the links.

I was suitable impressed when I first discovered these some years ago, I hope that some of these ideas could inspire you too :).

Have a good one.


  1. Love those spider-types. I'd considered doing something with those models but couldn't really see a way, now I can! I probably couldn't have them in the house though, as they're freak out my wife :-)


    1. Right after the fantasy starter set was released I manged to pick up 30 of them but I had no idea what to do with them, I sold them off before I came across the warhammer AU forum.

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