Thursday, 21 February 2013

Mordheim Vampire Hunters NPCs: Diedrich's Men

So I thought I was done with  Diedrich's Men, however I read the revised version of the vampire hunters rules... In the revised rules the players may find more of the routed soldiers in the surrounding areas with the best odds being more spearmen but also they could find crossbow men, swordsmen and greatswords (surprised no halberdiers actually as they are a staple in most Empire armies).

So I thought why not make enough Ostermark soldiers that they could be used as a human merc warband in other games, so I set about building 2 crossbow men. I couldn't find my kneeling cadian legs anywhere but I was kindly donated a couple from Frothers unite members D70 (beware should you check out the froth forum that it comes with a 15+ rating).

So with all the parts in hand I set about producing some Crossbow guys, I have run out for the time being of the eagle torsos that I used on the spear men, but I figured that they might well be a unit marking rather than an army marking and the crossbow guys are likely to be less well armoured anyway.

These guys are primarily done in the same way as the southlander marksmen, just with different heads, quivers and legs.

Parts list:
GW Cadian kneeling legs
GW Empire militia torsos (and the head without the feather).
GW Empire huntsman / archers head
GW Empire state troop arms
GW High elf quivers (one not yet glued on, I shaved off the hearts))

They still need plenty of GW work and some accessorising to finish.

Pain scheme wish they will be the same colours as the spear men, but their leather armour will be black.

Anyway that's all for now.

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