Sunday, 3 March 2013

Fishmen update; Bog Trogs galore

First off sorry for the long delay between posts, last week was very draining, I didn't have any

enthusiasm to do anything at all, some of it is back and a number of items have been undercoated now, so at the very least I should be able to do a little painting in the evenings to update the blog with.


With rask now out and being a really decent caster for the Blindwater contract (Privateer PRess game Hordes) I had to buy some more Bog trogs to go with the 12 I already had... in order to start building a fishman army. Then I bought a Spitter (giant turtle thing) and i've also ordered a Swamp horror (the Squid beast).... so it looks like i'm now collecting both of the Minion factions ( I have a relatively large force of Farrow already).... oh well... lol.

The fishmen will be pulling double time in some other games at least, even if just some random baddies in Mordheim Quest.

Still haven't determined what i'm going to do with the bases yet, but I have bought some water effects stuff there will be some sludgy or muddle puddles at least on some of them :).


  1. Very nice they look brill!

  2. I like them, you must have quite a few fish men now

    1. I had only got 5 painted prior to this lot, so in all I have 22, not a huge number but a pretty decent amount, should be plenty for using with Rask as there are some undead bog trogs to be realeased this year too :).


    It's beginning to look like fishmen...