Thursday, 7 February 2013

Modheim: Deathcap (PiP) (Bloodcap Gnome Leader)

Still not decided about the hat at this point, in my head it had a skull stitching into it, but I might just leave it black (as my freehand skills are non-existent). Overall though I'm quite happy with the dour and grim look that he is bringing to the table, he certainly has the executioner look I was going for :).

I finally settled on an axe for his weapon because of the look I was going for (the axe head is from the OOP multipart chaos warriors BTW).

This guy marks the 8th gnome I have converted, I now have to get or model the mushroom men that will make up the rest of the warband (fill the position that hobgoblins would fill in a Chaos dwarf list), still looking at the Hasslefree mushroom men, but still not liking the impact that they will have on my wallet for what is the weaker part of the list :(, oh well perhaps i'll get a pay rise this year.... (lol - yeah right).

Anyway, I hope you like him, I do :).

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