Saturday, 2 February 2013

Warmachine: Convergence of Cyriss (New faction announcement)

So, Privateer press announced a new faction as of yesterday (I think, different timezones confuse me lol)...
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The Convergence of Cyriss, from what little I know about them these are guys that worship technology to the point of "uploading" their consciousness into them (A bit like Ad-Mech in 40k). They have some art Deco styling about them and also some look much like other ideas out in the sci-fi world (e.g. I see a bit of Star wars destroyer droids and the infantry do look a little necron like).

Pictures have been released of some of the initial releases and they look OK to me, I particularly like the heavy "Vectors" (their version of warjacks), I see some potential uses there for 15mm or sci-fi games and may well have to get one once they are out later this year.

Heavy Vector Close up

Light Vector

Presumably the battle box / starter set warcaster (it is confirmed that there will be a Cyriss starter)

Not so impressed with these guys, but they are nice enough
Anyway, I haven't played WM or Hordes for absolutely ages so their release doesn't really do much for me, however I look forward to possible new conversions coming our way using these guys :).

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  1. "..however I look forward to possible new conversions coming our war using these guys :)."

    Amen to that my converting brother :D

    - Tael.