Wednesday, 25 July 2012

MODheim: Terrortoise Update (WIP)

A Quick update on the Terrortoise warband, I needed something other than undead to work on and these guys were closest on the workbench LOL. I've made their necks a little longer than the original prototype as I think it gives them a slightly more aggressive look.

The guy on the far left will have a weapon across his shoulder / shell and the one in the middle with have a shield and club of some description. I'm probably going to stick with clubs for the entire warband, and slings for missile weapons as I can't think of anything else they could use easily.

Same parts used in the conversions as the prototype.
(Avatars of war dwarf berserker bodies, legs arms (and eventually hands)).
The shells and heads on these three were push molded from the 2nd prototype (which i'm yet to finish as i'm not sure how long the mold will last).

Angry Terrortoises, Leo, Raph and Michel...... :P


  1. I may need to redo mini-spawn and position the head like where you have done the turtles. Good conversions.

    1. Mini spawn?... with the cloak and mask and everything....?

      *jumps over to PPs blog*.... oh THAT kind of spawn... :(