Monday, 23 July 2012

Mordheim Vampire Hunters: Campaign Master forces (Necromancers)

Sorry for the long delay in update this week, I think i've shot myself in the foot with the vampire hunter campaign.
The idea behind the MODheim project was to let my imagination run riot with various different factions / conversion and paint schemes.
The Vampire hunter campaign requires large amounts of undead things, which means no a great deal of variation amongst models or paint schemes. I think this has had a detrimental effect on my imagination and it's currently having a creative block. I'm completely stuck on the last 3 NPCs for the townsfolk.... :(

In the mean time though I have completed 2 of the necromancers and one prototype ghoul paint scheme (eyes and teeth need finishing) which i'm relatively happy with...

I will have to start doing some terrain soon....

Lighting wasn't so good for these photos unfortunately and I need to find something to finish off their staffs.

A couple of angry necromancers

Ghoul prototype scheme

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