Saturday, 28 July 2012

MODheim: Bloodcap Gnomes update (PIP)

So you might remember this conversion from a while ago, it's my Bloodcap Gnome mage MR CUDDLES!!!!!

I'm still looking for a suitable wizened wooden staff to plant in the ground behind him, but he's at least part painted now.

Came out alright in the end.
 He had a couple of new additions to the figure since the WIP shot of the conversion, daggers from the kroot kit, scroll and pouch from the flagellants kit and the blue bottles on the pocket on his left are actually the night goblin lower jaw I cut off the head... lol.

Auw goh on y'know ya want ta! *HUG*


  1. Where are the hands from? I have an old old metal gnome from GW, sort of eastern-lookin', I really want some open dwarf-sized hands to make him into a similar pose...

    1. They are from the banner in the AoW Dwarf kit, however the AoW dwarves are larger than the current GW plastics, they would be huge on OOP GW Gnomes, I would have thought human sized hands would work on the OOP gnomes (at least the one I have is absolutely tiny)..