Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Sculpting: Sci-fi Dwarf Sculpt

Something I did a while ago that will one day be sold at Troll forged Miniatures. Totally sculpted out of brownstuff / greenstuff and pro-create, apart from the gun (bits of metal tubing) and head (open licence head from Hasslefree miniatures).

I believe this was my 4th full sculpt, and although I still can't manage to sculpt decent heads I was pretty happy with him :).

The cast below has bits of brownstuff in it which was washed out of the mold in case you are wondering what those spots are, also a bit of the coat is missing from the back, but I believe the mold has been tweaked to prevent this in production.


  1. Wow.. for a 4th sculpt this is damn good.. and looking great! Is it 28mm scaled on a 25mm base or larger?

    Great blog here also.. found it from the Tale of Skirmish painters.. now I have something to go through and read this weekend and catch up on your works. ;)

    1. Cheers, the base is a 30mm round (e.g same size as warmachine figure bases).