Saturday, 23 June 2012

Modheim: Undead update (WiP)

I stumbled on a fantastic link during an unusual foray out of the modelling section of Toms boring mordheim forum (

The link is to a blog where the blogger has written a Cooperative Modheim campaign where the players work to rid the Ostermark of Undead lead by a powerful Vampire. Since reading that I have been solely working on the undead, with the hope that I can find enough players to run this campaign :).

Anyway, even if I don't run that campaign these guys will be used in the MODheim project.

3x Dire wolves (Chaos hounds on 40mm DS Bases)

Giant Spider (Toy based on 40mm DS Base)
The below Banshee and Wraith require a LOT of work as you can probably tell, they are both based on parts from the Coven throne kit, I purchased some bits off the net, primarily for the female vampire parts, but the lot came with some other cool bits which I have used too :).
The Banshee uses one of the vamps sitting legs + a demonette torso, she will also use a demonette head, arms I don't know yet...
The Wraith uses a bit of the Coven throne curtain, the torso (inc arms) is also from the coven throne, the "head" is from a Mantic Revenent guard box.
Wraith and Banshee on 30mm DS bases
3x Mantic ghouls re-based on 30mm DS bases
3x Skellies, all Mantic revenet legs, one mantic torso (the one coming from the ground) 2x Coven throne torsos, heads from either the mantic kit or the Empire great swords kit. Armour from the mantic kit.

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