Monday, 18 June 2012

MODheim: Northlanders

Been a bit quiet in here recently as i'm lacking in inspiration in how to arm the rest of the terrortoise and gnomes and I can't work out where to put the arms until I know what weapons they are going to have, and I can't greenstuff them until I know where their arms are going to go....etc.

So I'm posting up some old shots which have not yet made it onto the blog. These are Northlander duellists (Swordsmen).

In general the Southlanders are based on a Game of Thrones faction from Kings landing area and the Northlanders are based on a faction from ... well the north (e.g. Winterfell) in look at least, they will probably just use Reiklander and Middenheimer rules.
Probably because i'd been watching GoT while putting these guys together (which is excellent BTW).

The parts are:
Empire Militia legs, bodies and arms (plus one head (shaved).
Empire Pistolier / outrider cloaks.
Empire greatswords heads.
Some sheaths from various empire sets.
Greenstuff to extend thier torsos to make them 30mm and more in proportion, plus to hold thier cloaks on.

I have painted the other two but apparently they aren't very photogenic... lol
To anyone who might be coming from the PP forums, steelhead assassins anyone? I was planning on using these as Kayazy assassins (as the official ones are really quite ugly).

I have 2 more Northlanders on the painting desk, unfortunately I only took one pre-paint photo. These guys have the same general construction, but I have used Privateer press Steelhead Halberdier bits (arms, torso (on this guy), and the whole body of the un-pictured one), the guy below also uses a couple of OOP empire armour plates (the ones I push molded for the Southlander warband).

This will be one of the Warband champions (a hero).

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