Tuesday, 5 June 2012

MODheim: Undead update

Well I wasn't expecting to have the drive / will to get to painting the cultists today, but, well I did, I also painted the necromancer (D&D OOP Death priest) and finished the Privateer press Bane model I will be using in the "unliving" warband.

I've tried to keep all the undead scheme similar so if they get fielded together in a larger game they woulden't look out of place, but different enough that they can be distinguised quite easily.
 For example the cloaks on the heroes are all "frost bite" (P3 paint) but the necromancer's armour is primarily black with bits of "Radient platinum" (P3 paint), where as the Bane's armour is mostly "Lucifer Bronze" (OOP I-Kore paint) with some platinum in there too.

Still plenty more miniatures to obtain / paint / convert, etc. but it's nice to make some headway :).  I have to find some weapons in small skellie arms / hands to get my skellies usable (Privateer Risen (Cygnar type only)), i'm hoping I can obtain some from manic sprues somewhere.
I also still have to find some zombies that scale well at 30mm that I like... I missed an eBay auction to buy 10 Rackham zombies for £12.... I was not happy, lol.
Necromancer / Death Priest

Skellie hero for the unliving faction (either a Wight or a Revenent).

Cult leader


Sort of wish i'd removed the eyes from the necron heads, but i'm not quite sure how I would have managed it without damaging them...

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