Thursday, 7 June 2012

MODheim: Fishmen update

Just a quick update on the fishmen warband with the hero posted below.

The shield is from an Urban mamoth Koroalon Brood figure. I coulden't figure out a good weapon swap with the Bog Trogs normal weapon so I just bent it into a different shape basically... more sword like now....

I have spent way too much this month on bits for conversions and some terrain bits, after last months Car insurance and Road tax.....

I have already bought a 2nd hand 3 pieces suite and a display cabinet, plus looking at a computer hideaway to keep the room tidier..., all in all over £250 on eBay (including furniature).... I wont be buying anything else for a few months if I can avoid it.....


  1. That shield works perfectly! Nice conversion mate.

    1. Cheers, I bought the figures to make a snake-man type model or 4, but I haven't yet come accross a decent head, but the shields they had look (to me) sufficiently crabby to do the job on teh fishmen :).