Friday, 8 June 2012

MODheim: Terrortoise Update (PIP)

An update showing my prototype paint scheme.... I've gone a bit off the wall for this one, I wanted to paint the terrortoise NOTHING like TMNT for a start. I came across a Box turtle and a Painted Wood turtle on line and thought that thier colouring looked really interesting.

For some reason my brain thought "I want to give that a go".... oh well it's done with now... I'm not overly un-happy with the paint work. I desperately need to get some more oranges if i'm going to use this scheme for all of them though as my oranges have really bad coverage and a sort of "filmy" like painting quality that leaves streaky bits....

Conversion parts are:
Avatars of war dwarf body, legs arms and great weapon / standard arm.
Right hand (his) from OOP dwarf 6th edition plastics (not a perfect fit but best I could find) with weapon carved off.
Weapon top from OOP Beastmen herd set
Shell was sculpted (see other blog entries on Terrortoise).

However saying all the above, the figure below was almost entirely push molded out of pro-create (apart from arms, and weapon) with a little bit of greenstuff sculpting / repair work. I don't feel guilty about it as you only get enough arms to finish the exact number of bodies and legs in the AoW set so it's not like i'm getting a free complete model out of it. 
I push molded the figure as you only get 5 versions of each leg in the set and I really didn't want to sculpt another shell... lol.
I have successfully push molded just the shell for another 2 terrortoise as well well so I now have 5 figures, 2 have no arms, 2 have no limbs or heads...

As an aside If anyone has a AoW set and wants more of the legs with the bare legs and NOT loin cloths (dwarf head type decoration) over the groin area, I'd happily swap for the trousered ones and the legs below.

Anyway onto the photos:

After paint

Rules wise; i'm thinking fixed armour level on rear facing (e.g. un-modified armour to attacks originating in the models rear facing), and level 2 armour all around (equivalent to heavy armour in modheim).

I haven't yet figured out what warband these guys will be in, but they are likely to be the / one of the elite options for the warband, (as it means I won't have to convert that many of them... lol).
Not sure what the rest of the warband will consist of. If I can get more of these legs though I may just do the whole warband out of them, we'll see (as I only had 5 heads cast).


  1. That's a wild conversion, not exactly my kind of thing, but I can greatly appreciate the work you did. Good Stuff.

    1. Cheers. You mean because it's not chaos :P

  2. :) Chaos, Barbarians, Knights, Goblins, Orcs, Demons....yea.

    1. i'm sure a unit of chaos terrortoises would look cool.

    2. With spikes and cruel weapons.....