Sunday, 3 June 2012

MODheim: Necromantic Cultists

Just finished these guys (the conversions that is). I hope to get them undercoated tomorrow.

Conversion parts are:
Empire Flagellant bodies, skulls / bones on chains, arms & Militia arms (bow cultists arms).
Necron heads.
Quivers from the OOP Night goblin box (or the current (vanilla)goblin box possibly...).
Black plastic-card
Greenstuff of course :)

The necromancer warband really needed some more Henchmen capable of gaining EXP (other than ghouls), also henchmen capable of using ranged weapons. I'm toying with the idea of having the guy below as a cult leader (or "Reaper") and him be a hero option for the warband.

Necromancer Warband "Reaper"

Necromancer Warband Cultists

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  1. Ew...I missed these, sweet conversions. Very creative.