Thursday, 31 May 2012

MODheim: Undead teaser

Just a quick photo of some undead PiP.

These are unconverted figures; from left to right; Privateer press Mercenary Thrall and the CMoN limited edition Litche (and yes I know I've painted his feet as if they were part of his... skirt...err... I mean robes....).

Undead Wight and Litche
These figures will be part of the unliving faction, lead by the Litche.
The Litche and wight will be 2 of the at least 5 hero options, joined by Revenents and a banshee.
Henchmen will be skellies, cultists (some humans will always follow nutters whomever they are).
And some other stuff I haven't come up with yet...
They will have a Privateer Press Boneswarm as their monster (stock photo below).

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