Wednesday, 30 May 2012

MODheim: Southlander update

An update today for the southlanders, I still need to get used to my new camera so again, appologies for the photo quality.

I have painted the 2 pages and finished the 2 marksman & Assassin (apart from bases and the heads could use more work... are you sensing a pattern

The pages are based on Bretonnian men at arms (from the command sprue) with arms from the same sprue as well as one from the Empire greatswords (with the axe).
The hammer is from the old middenheim hairy head sprue.
One head is from a saxon set... can't remember the manufacturer, the other is from Privateer press (circle of orobos, druids unit I think).
I used greenstuff to blend in the heads to the neck area.

Here is the only shot I have pre-paint.

The Marksmen have had quivers added and the assassin just had her head finished.
I wish GW would release more fantasy suitable sized female heads.
For a parts list please see previous Southlander posts (use the search cloud on the right).

More shots of the pages (the reds are very washed out here unfortunately):

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