Tuesday, 29 May 2012

WH40K: Touren Pirate

An oldie for you, one of the first conversions that I did for an old project that fell by the way side called "Fringe wars".

Fringe wars was basically Necromunda mashed into WH40k. So instead of gangs you were fighting with units from a 40k race. e.g. Necron cultists (humans worshiping Necrons), Genestealer cults, Tau pathfinders, Eldar corsairs, inquisitor units, etcs.

Much like the MODheim project I started making units for a bunch of warbands, the first of which were the Tauren.

I pictured the Tauren as a noble / Honourable  race of non-spacefairers, their planet was however assimilated into the Tau empire. Once assimilated the Touren were given the choice of joining the Tau empire or moving on (e.g. leave their planet). Most joined the Tau empire, some however chose to go it alone and after being deposited onto a commerce planet, made their way in the world as mercenaries for rogue traders or pirates. I only ever finished one non-Tau touren, but I was very happy with him.

The parts used in this conversion were:
Beastman body, beastman head
Space marine scout shotgun (hand removed and handle re-sculpted)
Space marine torso front & Pouches.
OOP space marine scout bike shotgun holster (handle removed).
Catachan jungle fighter sheathed sword & knife plus pocket shaved off of a leg.
OOP Dwarf hand (pointing)
Wire for shades.

I started to paint him as well but I didn't get very far.


  1. Really nice conversion - he looks like a real professional merc! How would the Necron-worshipping cultists have looked then? I like the basic concept a lot!

    1. Probably the best converson i've ever done this one.
      The Cultists would have been based on a human figure.... potentialy Cadian shock troops I guess, though there might be better figures around now (Maximini have some new legs out that look very cool)

      The would probably have used armour made out of chopped up Necron warriors, and thier helmets would have been necron heads with the bottom of the jaw removed.

      But those are all just loose ideas I didn't get very far with the idea.