Sunday, 27 May 2012

MODheim: Dwarves PiP

Update on the current status of the dwarves, obviously bases still need doing, the faces didn't come out as well as i'd hoped (I had to repair a couple of them after cutting into them when removing the original helmets). Faces could definitely do with more paint work but ... well I can't paint faces... :(.

Also I took these photos in bright sunlight with a new camera.... probably not the best idea, I need to play with the camera settings as these photos originally all came out blue.... (I mean REALLY dark blue all over, not just the blue bits).

I still need to figure out a shield design
This face had the most corrective sculpting... you can tell :(.
The photos really are quite bad (her hair is red....)


  1. They look good, even in bright light. I'm sure that they will look excellent when the bases are finished and the sun isn't so bright.

    1. Bases... yes bases.... what the hell to do with the bases.... something else I have to figure out.

      Right after the rest of the fishmen, terrortoises, crab things, dwarves, gnomes, elves, humans, birdmen, brigands, snakemen, gorgons, ogres, gnublins, hubgnublins, orcs, efreeti, gargoyles, typhon, swamp things, halflings and undead.... I think I might have forgotton someone.