Sunday, 13 May 2012

WARMACHINE: Searforge update

Update to show the latest complete models for my Searforge.

I frankly am never likely to use 30 hammerfall, even with 2 unit attachments, however I love the models....
The second unit attachment has been converted from a couple of "spare" hammerfall figures.

The units are distinguished by all having different shields (this includes the corresponding Unit attachments (one advantage of having 60+ Hammerfall models at one point.....).
Units: Hammerfall High Shields (34 (Units 10x3 + Unit attachments 2x2))

The Averlancher may not be the best jack in the game... well it may not even be in the middle area.... ok fine the Averlancher is not he WORST jack in the game.... but at least it brings some long range firepower to the Searforge contract (still need to base this guy).
Heavy Warjack: Averlancher
Durgen Madhammer, I decided to convert my Madhammer figure as he looked a little bit hunched backed and I wanted to try and make him look more like the artwork (on deviant art somewhere). However I didn't take into account that it was going to be impossible to re-pose his head so I had to just deal with what I ended up with below. I still prefer him over the stock version at least, lol. Again, I still need to base him.
Wacaster: Durgen Madhammer

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