Monday, 14 May 2012

WHFB: Dwarves

Another catch-up thread showcasing the latest conversions for my Warhammer Fantasy Dwarves

The below is one of the conversions I'm most proud of, all the plastics are from the OOP Dwarf warrior kit, bar some of the accesories and the "shoulder armour" (dwarf mask).
The face (lower half) was sculpted and I was really happy with the outcome (I have however been unable to replicate it on any other figures :(.

The kit below shows the metal BSB and thane kit, originally the model on the left was the thane and the one on the right was the standard, however the BSB was so badly misscast (head) that I decided to chop it off and resculpt bits of him. I liked the resulting helmet conversion so much that I decided to use him as a Thane instead of a BSB, but I still needed a BSB figure....
Standard bearer into Thane, Thane into Standard bearer....

Thane WIP - he will have a hand eventually
The below figures are again converted from OOP Dwarf warriors, using the current plastics helmets and arms / cross bows. Greenstuff was then used to bring the OOP figures waistlines into line with the current dwarf plastics as well as to add cloaks (they will be rangers).
Rangers from OOP plastics

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