Monday, 20 April 2015

Woodland Lord / Dryad king

Well many moons ago I said I was going to do a conversion basically copying the Oggster's brilliant Enigma miniature conversion of a tree dude. (.

Well now I have.

This plus that excellent Drycha conversion I purchased leads me to splitting the guys I had slated for the "wood elves" at least three ways lol.

The warbands will become:
Wild elves (made up of tharn miniatures and other barbarian types (e.g. I purchased some Kelt Sessair parts from Confrontation).

Not sure how the split will be but I also intend on the following
Woodland Defenders
Woodland Avengers

There will likely be dryads in both but are likely to be beastmen in the avengers and Fairies, Satyr, Faun / sprites in the defenders.

Why?, because I can / want to... possibly because i'm a little nuts, I don't know, but i'm presently figuring out how to use this... which is about 8-10" tall excluding the trees on it's head..... hehe


  1. That woodland lord conversion is great, fae looking, but powerful.

    The second image is broken for me, I can't see it.

    1. Yeah, I really like the Oggster's stuff over on Deviant art, I wish there was more to see as his concepts sketches are great. I've changed the picture hopefully that works better but if not, just search Google for "mcfarlanes twisted christmas Jack Frost :)

    2. The image is working now. That things looks awesome! I picked up a couple of MacFarlane Dragons a while back. I use them in my RPG group, but I keep looking at them and wondering about turning them into mounts for wargaming.

    3. I have a couple of other bits from his collections that will get rolled into other warbands at some point, hopefully... lol