Friday, 24 April 2015

Freebooters Fate: Amazons; Paint in progress (Templeguard)

Something a bit different, as the local club is looking to run a little campaign of Freebooters fate and i've liked the Amazons for as long as they have been released, I bought some and am slowly painting them up.

Pus they could always be used in Lustria Mordheim games anyway

It's very slow going as i'm trying to paint them mostly "properly" without the heavy use of washes, but also the minis are very detailed so lots of little bits to paint in various colours.

Off to Salute tomorrow so will be picking up a starter set for the Amazons as I don't have one yet.


  1. I read that comment as..."Lots of little tits to paint in various colours"....I apologise for nothing...:P Great job n these minis and I am really enjoying following your project!

  2. beautiful work on the Temple Guards. btw Do you remember what brand and what colors you used for the skin tones?



    1. Hi, thanks.

      Unfortunately I didn't take any notes AND I mix ranges and colours...
      I think it was something like GW bronzed flesh (old paint) with some formula P3 beast hide in it..
      OR GW Bronzed flesh and P3 Tanned flesh... or maybe one on top of the other... I need to take notes... couldn't match the shade with my latest Amazons except pehua but then she was base coated at the same time. I got something similar with Bronzed flesh and Army painter soft tone, but it's more "yellow" than I would have liked so I don't think Bronzed flesh on it's own is the right way to go.
      Nipples were definitely painted with formula P3 Tanned flesh

      All over a grey undercoat (worth mentioning as it will make a difference to the shade) - though you can see this for yourself obviously lol.

      Sorry I can't be more help!

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