Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Something new.... Swamp things

Yes, I know I should be finishing one of my many, many work in progress warbands but... well the muse made me do it.

Group shot of the family of swamp things

Thse two are Wyrd miniatures Waldergeits (forest spirits) 

This guy is converted from a wyrd miniatures metal bad JuJu mire golem 

Keep forgetting to paint that bottle.... :(

 And this is the old GW Albion fenbeast, I was hoping to get another one of these to convert but... well i'm REALLY not made of money and I missed the one that went for a reasonable price on eBay (sad face). I bought this one about 10 years ago in an LGS closing down sale in Horsham when I used to live there,.


  1. An awesome selection of figures - your paint jobs bring a nice cohesion to the variety of manufacturers' miniatures.