Saturday, 11 April 2015

Mordheim Vampire Hunters NPCs: Diedrich's Men

Just  quick update to shop 3 more NPCs that may or may not be found in some scenarios, survivors from the routed Ostermark army

Same as usual parts list, greatsword heads, militia arms, with the exception of the greatsword who has one empire captain arm and a hand from a flagellant, torsos are from empire pistoliers but I push moulded 2 breastplates as I am running low on that torso, the back of those two guys is an empire militia torso (with the straps to make it look like they are holding the breastplate on). Cadian legs of course and 30mm "DS" style bases. Still need some kind of pommel for the end of the greatsword and some greenstuff work, particularly around the necks.

Still have to do one more spearman and a handgunner. Technically the halberdier isn't in the Wargame weavers roll for possibilities.... but if it's an empire army, there would have been halberdiers! lol.

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