Sunday, 20 July 2014

Wood elves; Tharn: Swordmaiden and Druid

So I thought just updating my blog today with a picture of something I bought off eBay and just change the base of was a little rubbish, so here we have a proper update, of some models I have converted :)
The Tharn miniatures from Privateer press are pretty damned cool (well the not beast form ones at least (my opinion) and I have so many ideas for forest beasts and creatures etc that I'm probably going to have to split my miniature for the wood elf faction into a number of sub-factions, e.g. I have the faun, Tharn, Dryads, going to do some Centaurs, Satyr and Brownies, etc, just too much stuff for one warband.
 So I wanted a bit of variation in the Tharn warband without having to use the beast form Tharn figures, so I converted the sword maiden above, well actually I was planning on making a mounted Tharn but I couldn't get the legs into a pose I wanted them and I don't have the skills to resculpt them satisfactorily, so it's a happy mistake in reality lol.-

I used clippers on purpose on this model despite the damage that they cause because I wanted them to force the legs apart to create the open legs for making a mounted pose however when I gave up on that it wasn't too hard to bend them to make the running pose instead.
I then had to putty over the damage to the loin cloth and a little to her legs, the skull on her belt was destroyed so I replaced it with a part from the new Wood elf wild rider kit (from the antlers).
I clipped and cut off the javelin from her left arm and used a file to make good all the bindings on her leg and arms (will have to see how that looks after undercoating, so hard to see on a shiny bit of metal lol.

The swords are from the wood elf glade guard kit, if I can get hold of some of the kingdom death rawhide upgrade axes at some point I will probably replace them for something more feral but there is very little out there in a decent size for the Tharn figures.

This guy is pretty much a stock Rackham Confrontation Kelt druid, rare now so I had to go over my budget to pick him up but i've no idea how else to make slightly over sized Male tharn (they are substantially bigger than the females), this guy isn't really big enough but he is bigger than the female models and being a druid I can explain it away by saying he's just a little weedy lol.

As you can see above the only conversion I did to this model was to remove the rounded upper part of his ears and greenstuff pointy ears (all Tharn have pointy elf like ears).

I will probably use the Kromac Figure to lead the Tharn split of warband as I own him anyway from all my Circle purchases, I have had to request a new set from Privateer press as the one I have has a major casting defect (basically all the detail is on his left leg but it's massively sunken back, as it if formed in the mould with a bubble behind it and collapsed during cooling).

I can probably repair the leg enough to use on a conversion for another male tharn, but I wanted the original detail on my Kromac.
I have found that the new style Ungor bodies could make decent male tharn conversions but I have not managed to source a decent set of mostly naked over sized male legs to convert the lower halves, so I will probably only end up with 2-3 male tharn in the list (I want to make a mounted one but I may cope out and just cover the legs with some coverings or something).

Cheers for reading (Especially if you got this far lol)

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