Sunday, 20 July 2014

Wood elves: Dryad Heroine conversion purchased from eBay

I found this model on eBay a little while ago and I thought it looked absolultey amazing!, it reminds me of a character from Starcraft - brood wars.
I have a quandry with the paintwork though, it's pretty good but it doesn't match my scheme at all, so I have to work out what i'm going to do about that lol.

As I didn't convert this model take this list with a pinch of salt, but I believe the parts are:
  1. Drycha Branchwraith Hero at a different angle (the slotta is at an angle in the base with the rest built up with greenstuff / plastic dryad branch bits) and the right arm assembled almost straight down instead of 90 degrees ish
  2. OOP metal Demonette head
  3. Plastic branch bits & stone from the Dryad kit
  4. Greenstuff - mostly the head and hand, but some of the bark on her is GS too.

 I'm really glad I won this model though I probably would have attempted to re-create it if I didn't lol (I have a couple of old demonettes lying around and dryad bits, I would just have needed to buy Drycha)
It will also go great with the Dryad king i'm planning on making based on this fantastic converison:

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