Sunday, 6 July 2014

Skaven Clans:Eshin Night runners & Black Skaven

Night Runner with fighting claws, based on the standard clan rat, with standard claw arm, the other claw is from another arm, carved off and glued on the static arm. I cut off the left leg and repositioned it, then sculpted the knee back on.

Another night runner this one was converted by cutting off the left hand and glueing on a dark eldar hand with a knife. The other arm is a stock Skaven one..

Black skaven from one of the metal skaven characters I bought the body on it's own off eBay with no other parts, so I converted it with a plastic storm vermin head, and a beastman arm / flail.


  1. Great looking conversiones. Congrats!

  2. Very nice work. Your night runners look really nice and dynamic in the new style plastics.
    And that Black Skaven looks big and mean, I love it.

  3. Those night runners are so much better than the old ones! Maybe some day GW will redo the kit, but I am sure you will be playing with these guys for years first.

    1. Thank you :), if only I were playing lol, don't get many days out now with the little one so i'm restricted to playing something that isn't a campaign game :(.