Saturday, 7 June 2014

Mordheim Vampire Hunters: Forces of Undead (Totem Bearer)

Very minor update, I realised some months ago that I had forgotten about the "elite" unit type for the Zombie dice roll in the Wargame Weaver mordheim campaign. The Zombie totem bearers increase the WS of all zombies in a radius of them.

I looked through my bits box and although I came up with a few actual totem bearer type ideas I also decided to use some spare corpse cart arms to do a guy with a whip, ok Zombies are unlikely to be motivated by a whip, but honestly I don't care I thought it would look cool lol.

So the stock model is a Mantic games ghoul I had already finished (but I replaced the mantic Ghouls with GW LOTR goblins due to them being too similar to my zombies (see previous posts)) with a GW Flagellant head, GW Corpse cart guy arms and a bit of a GW ghoul bone.

I used thin plasti-card to give the frame for the cloak and then applied a layer of pro-create to even everything out, then another layer to make the folds. I still need to finish the inside to level the plasti-card with the GW arms.

Still some tidying up to do at the bottom of the cloak with a bit more putty.

Anyway this is pretty much all i've managed to do in about a month so... hope you like it.


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